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Cara Taylor Swift

Cara Taylor Swift

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Kimberly Beer

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This Week

Giving Tuesday Special: Hope Held by a Horse

Release date: 11:30:21

Giving Tuesday is here and we want to encourage you to support your favorite non-profit organization. In today’s episode, Kim and Cara sit down with Suzanne Hagmaier of Hope Held by a Horse to discuss their amazing mission. Hope Held by a Horse provides a safe, positive environment, in the company of horses, to support women with breast cancer to learn, grow, and heal. Woven in with the story of Hope Held by a Horse, three survivors: Annie Young of Sawubona Ranch (https://sawubonaranch.com), Susan Bloom of Connection and Synergy (https://connectionandsynergy.com) and Cheryl Hill of Above the Spurs Coaching (https://abovethespurs.com) all share their stories around the topic of breast cancer and the healing power of horses. We truly hope you enjoy this inspiring episode of The Business Animal.

Hope Held by a Horse gives women the opportunity to reclaim a part of themselves that has been lost or diminished through the challenges of breast cancer. Our goal is to provide a place in which they can address fears and express emotional pain. The spiritual connection with horses helps them feel supported, centered, empowered and able to continue on and thrive.

Hope Held by a Horse is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Littleton, Colorado. To find out more or donate, visit https://hopeheldbyahorse.org. Find Hope Held by a Horse on Facebook and Instagram @hopeheldbyahorse