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Tame Your Business Animal!

What type of Business Animal Are You?

Your business doesn’t have to be an UNRULY animal!

We want to help you train your animal-based business to be successful, profitable, joyful and sustainable.

We started The Business Animal Podcast to share stories, techniques, strategies, and inspiration just for businesses in the equine, pet and agricultural space. 

On each episode you will find subjects you can relate to and that address the unique aspects of the animal and pet industry. We’ve also packed in a lot of practical knowledge you can actually use to start, grow and prosper in both business and life. 

If you share your business with animals, serve animal owners, are in the pet or equine industry, you’ve found your herd, pack, pride, flock, tribe — or whatever you call your collective.

Cara Taylor Swift

Cara Taylor Swift

Co-Host |Fast Horse Photography

Kimberly Beer

Kimberly Beer

Co-Host |Be More Business

We make business more amooooozing!

Like you, we LOVE 💙 podcasts, but we hate boring! We want to bring some fun and light into your week with each episode. We’ll tackle the things that really matter to growing, sustaining, and prospering in an animal-based business, AND we promise to be transparent, honest, and fun, too. Listen to our trailer and see if you relate! Join us on our social channels — we can’t wait to meet you and learn about your business and your animals!

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This Week

Do you need to rebrand your animal based business?

Release date: 01:11:22

Rebranding is something many entrepreneurs ponder regularly. As you grow your business, you learn and shift, and you begin to wonder if you should shift your branding. Rebranding is a big decision fraught with complications and encompasses way more than your logo and company slogan. “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room,” says today’s guest, Maredith Davis of Maredith Davis Design. Do you need to change that conversation? Or maybe you’ve changed the way you do business and your brand is still having the same, old conversation? Does your brand reflect the quality of work you are doing? These are all valid reasons to rebrand or tweak your current brand. Join Kim and Cara as they get Maredith’s keen insight on branding and rebranding for animal-based businesses.