11: Creating Customer Loyalty Part 1

Part one of a two part series on creating customer loyalty programs. Today Kim and Cara visit with Terri Cage of Terri Cage Photography. Terri shares her program that turns existing customers into a branded sales team to grow her business and expand her social reach and referral network while mindfully targeting her ideal clients.

Our Big 3 Takeaways

Create a program that rewards brand loyalty and makes it a win-win for you and your customers.

Customer loyalty programs that reward your ideal clients for returning to your business for future services or products are often a great way to encourage repeat business.

Create a “customer based sales team” to expand your social reach and referral network.

Turn your existing happy clients into a customer-based sales team spreading positive reviews and testimonials about their experience with your business. This is the kind of social proof that EVERY small business can benefit from!

Mindfully recruit customer influencers for your social promotion program who represent the customer you most want to have.

Looking to expand or grow your business into a demographic or geographic area? Recruit influential individuals within your target market to be a loudspeaker for your business.

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Show Notes

Terri Cage is based in the small town of Ponder in North Texas, very close to the heart of horse country. Being a lifelong horse lover and owner, Terri started her photography emphasis with horses and people with horses. She works with breeders, trainers, horse families and seniors. She has spent countless hours studying the behavior, movement, and conformation of horses.  She takes pride in making you and your horse look your best. Terri is available for a wide variety of photo sessions, from large farm shoots to more personal sessions showing the horse and human bond. Terri has a degree in fashion and design, which helps in choosing the best fashion and colors that complement each model. She is the mother of 4 grown children and shares her life with her husband, 4 canine campaigns and a small herd of horses.
Customer loyalty programs are essential to any good lifecycle marketing program. A return customer will spend more than a new customer — and you have already invested in acquiring them, so there is more profit in return customer sales. Loyal customers are also your best source of NEW customers through their social proof actions (shares, referrals, reviews, etc.). On today’s episode, Terri shares an outstanding program she has used in her equine photography business that turns her customers and models into her own “customer based sales team!” This model is innovative and can be applied to almost any kind of animal based business. Tune in and get your creative marketing juices flowing!

On this episode of The Business Animal, Kim and Cara are joined by guest expert Terri Cage of Terri Cage Photography. Terri generously shares the details of her customer loyalty program designed to garner brand faithfulness and create a customer-based sales team to expand her social media reach and referral network within her target markets. Terri talks about how she has personally recruited new customers through the use of influential ideal clients located within specific geographic locations that she’d like to earn increased business from. Look for part two coming soon!


Mentioned in the episode:

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The Equine Photographer’s Network

The Powderhorn Ranch

Google My Business


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Kimberly Beer 0:00
Hey there business animals, we have such a treat for you today. This one is really meaty too, because Cara and I both love this subject. As a matter of fact, we love the subject so much. We’re going to do a part two to this episode, because we think there’s so much here to share. So today we’re gonna be talking about loyalty, referrals, social promotions, that really turn your customer base into a sales team. And it does it in a way that is a really advantageous for you and for your customers. So it gives them an opportunity to earn things in your business. And it also gives you an opportunity to earn more business which is already kind of pre sold, which is where we all want to be. So Cara, tell us about Terri. Terri Cage Our special guest today with Terri Cage Photography, I got so excited about the subject Terri is amazing at this. She’s got an excellent program that we wanted to highlight. And she’s going to talk about that tell us about Terri and tell us about what we’re going to be learning today.

Cara Taylor Swift 0:59
We’re going to jump into the episode soon. And we’ll do an introduction to Terri but Terri and I have chatted and we’ve shot together several times. And one of the things that I really admire about her photography program is this amazing client rewards loyalty program that she has. So as the kickoff to part one of this topic we wanted to have Terri come on and just talk a little bit about how this works specifically in her genre, which is equine photography. So we want you guys to dig deep into this episode. And listen for three things, our big three that we think can be really easily pulled out of this episode. The first one of the big three is create a program that rewards brand loyalty, and makes it a win win for you and your existing customers. We also want you to listen for ways that you can create a customer based sales team to expand your social reach in your referral network. And finally, the third thing to listen for is mindfully recruit your customer influencers for your social promotion programs who represent the customers you most want to have. So this might be you know, a geographic location that you want to work in a specific target market or a specific social network. It could be anything along those lines. So we really hope you guys enjoy this episode and look for part two coming soon.

Kimberly Beer 2:16
Absolutely. with no further ado, Terri Cage and Kim and Cara.

Jaz 2:23
Welcome to The Business Animal podcast. settle up for a gallop to the top of the animal industry, where you’ll learn how to tame your wild business beast with tips, techniques, and tools that will take overwhelm to obedience school and have you wagging your tail with joy. And now your hosts Kim Beer and Cara Taylor Swift

Kimberly Beer 2:44
Hey there business animals I’m Kim with Be More Business

Cara Taylor Swift 2:48
and I’m Cara Taylor Swift with Fast Horse Photography.

Kimberly Beer 2:50
And today we have a really special treat for you. We have our guest expert Terri Cage from Terri Cage Photography with us and I’d like to first start by introducing you to Terri and then we’re going to talk a little bit about a really interesting subject. So I’m going to kind of tease that Terri has some amazing loyalty programs that she has put into place with her customers and they help her grow her business as well as retain customers so you’re gonna want to hang on to learn from her expertise. But first let’s get to know her a little bit. So Terri Cage is based in the small town of Ponder in North Texas very close to the heart of horse country. She is a lifelong horse lover and owner she started her photography business with an emphasis on horses and especially people with horses. She works with breeders, trainers, horse families and seniors. She spent countless hours studying the behavior, movement and conformation of horses and takes pride in making you and your horse look the best. Terri is available for a wide variety of photo sessions from large farm shoots to more personal session showing the horse and human bond. She has a degree in fashion and design which helps her choose the best fashions and colors that complement each other for each model. She is the mother of four grown children and shares her life with her husband for canine companions and a small herd of horses, which is apparently a growing herd of horses. I first met Terri and I think Cara did as well at our Equine Photographers Network retreat in Douglas Wyoming at the Powderhorn Ranch. And it’s been a blessing to see her every year at that particular event.

Cara Taylor Swift 4:23
Yeah, Terri’s always the one at the event that the first year that I met her she spent part of the time just kind of mommying me like she knew that I needed someone to just grab me and tuck me under their wing and show me the ropes. And I was stuck next to Terri I think for the last How many years have we gone back and been there together now Terri?

Terri Cage 4:41
Four or five?

Cara Taylor Swift 4:42
Something like that. It feels like it’s been four or five years. Yeah. And I think from that it’s become a an awesome friendship. And I’ve enjoyed learning from you And even mentoring with you some you know, spending some time with you doing some mentorship stuff. So welcome to our podcast, Terri.

Terri Cage 4:58
Thank you for having me.

Cara Taylor Swift 4:59
Let’s just go ahead jump right in Terri, I’d like to hear a little bit about what motivated you originally to start your business.

Terri Cage 5:04
Boy. I mean, photography has been around in my life, all my life. My dad had a darkroom, even though he wasn’t a very good photographer, I’ve come to learn, as I look back at his stuff now, bless his heart. But when I was in high school, I was really into art. And I think that kind of helped my photography too. And I wanted to draw my own horses. So I asked my dad to teach me so he taught me how to use the camera and everything. I wanted to photograph my own horses, and I discovered that kind of like that. So I took some photography classes, and you know, I had kids got married, I kind of put it on hold, did the corporate thing for 20 years, after 20 years, as I can’t do it anymore, I need to go back to something creative. So I pretty much went in cold turkey and started my own business 11 years ago, that is how it started.

Kimberly Beer 5:57
Well, tell me something Terri Tell me something you’re really proud of, that you’ve accomplished within your business. And I know you have a lot of things to choose from.

Terri Cage 6:05
I am an introvert. Okay. So what I’m really proud of of myself, is I’ve come out of my shell quite a bit, and I’ve learned to connect with people a lot better, I can actually talk to them without thinking other, they’re gonna think really bad to me, you know, they’re gonna think I’m just just this weird person and everything. So I think it has really helped me come out of my shell. I’m still an introvert, but I can function. Now.

Cara Taylor Swift 6:33
I think that’s probably really reassuring to a lot of our animal based business owners, because I think a lot of us are introverts and to see someone successful, like you out there teaching classes, and speaking and at events and working with clients every day, that’s nice and reassuring that you are an introvert at heart, but you know that you have to push yourself and get out there. What would you say is one thing you wish you’d known when you started your business,

Terri Cage 6:57
more marketing, definitely more marketing. I really kind of wish I got somebody to mentor me in marketing early on, I think I would have increased my business a lot faster. When I went in, I thought, Oh, I just need to be a good photographer. I

don’t need to know anything else, and the business will come. Nope, that’s not how it works. You got to know how to market

Cara Taylor Swift 7:16
I think that rings really true to a lot of us out there. Like we come to this business. We love what we’re doing. We like our work, we’re good at what we do. But if we don’t have the ability to put ourselves out there or the know how on the back end to do the marketing to have our you know, website and our have our SEO in line and to get our email marketing lined up like no one’s going to know about us. What does that Kim always say about the loudest? The loudest person out there?

Kimberly Beer 7:42
Yeah, if you’re talking to everyone, you’re going to not get heard by anybody, I think is what you’re aiming for.

Cara Taylor Swift 7:48
Yeah, you

Kimberly Beer 7:48
sitting down and knowing who your target market is. Yeah,

Terri Cage 7:51
exactly. When I first started out, I was trying I did families, I did weddings, I did babies, and things I was not enjoying. And I was trying to market to so many people, and it just didn’t work. And then once I narrowed down to horses, and you know the people that belong to horses, and that’s pretty much how it is. But yeah, once I narrowed it down, boom, it started working for me. You know,

Kimberly Beer 8:16
that sounds very familiar. Cara and I talked about that on the very first episode of the podcast. And she had a similar experience where she had done some weddings. And so this brings to question for me not in not in a discussion in this podcast. Who exactly is taking pictures of babies? I’ll let the baby photographers out there going, yes, we want to convert to horses. Okay, Terri, that marketing expertise that you’ve gained. That’s one of the things that we really want to talk with you about because I think you do a lot of innovation with your marketing. And I know you have one program, and I kind of want to talk to you specifically about this program. And then we can add in other other tidbits and wisdom as we go along. But you have a really unique program for garnering social proof for your business. And as a photographer, and we did an episode on this not long ago. So if you didn’t listen to that episode, you’re listening to this one, go back and listen to the social proof one, because it really does talk about this incredibly important part of marketing, which is developing the referral network and social proof and getting yourself out on social media. So tell us about your model program and where you offer some incentives for people to provide social proof for you.

Terri Cage 9:33
By the way, that social proof episode was awesome. I loved it. I listened to it twice now. But yeah, with the classes that I teach, I really do stress, social proof. So that’s a very important thing. That being said, I am an introvert. It’s hard to get out there socially for me. So I’ve developed a method to have my models get out there for me instead, I still post consistently. I may not interact that much or anything like that, but What I do is I have model calls. And I actually have like what I call my model team. And I use a Facebook group to host my models. And whenever I have something I want to do model shoot with, I just post on that Facebook group, I have 143 models on there, they may not be all equestrian, they might be high school seniors, they might be high school kids, they might be horse owners. So whatever I need, I’ll post and say, hey, I want to do a shoot for this. Now what they do in exchange for me is they get a free shoot, they get discounts on any product they want. I give them several web images to use, and they need to post. And when they post, they have their own special hashtag. So I can see they are posting so you’re referring to posting on social media, Terri? Yes, correct social media. So when they post something like an Instagram, and they tagged me, they also put a little hashtag, the more posts they make and more hash tags they make. I do give them complimentary items, either digital items, or print items, or even another session.

Kimberly Beer 11:03
So what you’re doing is you’re allowing them to earn some swag and some stuff from you, which is an amazing gift for them. Right, and they’re pushing your name out in front of the world. Exactly. I think it’s ingenious, Terri, I am over the moon excited about how you’ve constructed this. It’s a win win win situation for everyone. You’ve created a world where where they get benefit from it, you get benefit from it, and then the people that come into your program get benefit from it. It’s an amazing opportunity.

Terri Cage 11:37
It’s so much like, you know, nowadays we have our social media influencers, and I’ve almost been tempted to rename it instead of models, my influencers

Cara Taylor Swift 11:46
you’d like we talked about on our social proof episode, too. You’ve got people out there that are consumers, and they’re looking for a service, and they are going to be more likely to access a service that is coming with high reviews from their peers, from people that they know people that they’re comfortable with that they see online and they already follow, then they are going to be just meeting a business online and then deciding to trust it. So it makes a lot of sense.

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Kimberly Beer 13:00
So Terri, talk to me about your models for a minute. Because here’s the thing we say models, and I think as equine photographers, we all have a pretty good concept of what that is. But what you’re doing is you also have a pretty extensive stock catalog, which is photography that’s available for purchase for business owners and for other people. And so when you place a model call, it’s either something to add to your portfolio or something that you’re wanting to shoot, maybe because somebody has requested that type of image, is that what you mean by models? Correct.

Terri Cage 13:30
You know, it might be something I’m I want to practice, you know, especially during the slow periods of time, it gives me a great opportunity to practice new ideas, keep my mind fresh,

Cara Taylor Swift 13:40
do you offer the same program to your other clients? If they go out and they push Terri Cage Photography, or they talk about your brand, or they post online?

Terri Cage 13:49
Yeah, I have a referral program. It’s not so much as pushing, I don’t require them to make a hash tag or tag me or anything I asked. You know, I say tagging is appreciate it. But it’s not required. But I do tell them that if somebody comes to me and say they were referred by you, I will give them something, a print a digital image, if they are somebody who bought everything that needs to be bought, you know, I’ve sent Kendrick Scott gift cards,

Cara Taylor Swift 14:16
I’ve sent Starbucks gift cards, that’s awesome. It’s a nice way to say thank you, when I have clients that you know, leave reviews for fast horse, I always give them a big personal thank you and send a little gift of acknowledgement as well. So I love that because it is people they have they’re going out of their way to show loyalty to your business, you know, so that makes a lot of sense. And the more that you can do to encourage that it sounds like you’re trying to do that. So if that’s awesome.

Terri Cage 14:39
Yeah, Yeah, I do. I also do you know, talking about reviews. I do encourage whenever I do a delivery, I send, you know, my Google My Business link where they can leave a review. I think that helps quite a bit.

Cara Taylor Swift 14:51
How would you say that this model program or this loyalty program has really changed or benefited your business?

Terri Cage 14:57
I think what it does it just it’s social proof. There, it’s got my name out there, I have people that recognize me when they hear my name. They’re like, Oh, we know who you are, it’s a boost to my introvert is

Cara Taylor Swift 15:11
it’s nice being out there. So because they’re seeing you in more and more places, the likelihood that when the time comes that they’re ready to book a session, you’re probably one of the first people that comes to their mind.

Terri Cage 15:23
That’s the goal.

Kimberly Beer 15:25
Basically, you have converted your customers into your Salesforce, which is an ideal situation in social media, that’s really the way social media should work organically is for your customers to become that sales force for your business. And I think it’s sharp, it’s, it’s a great way to do business and, and for our listeners, this is not just for photographers, you can take this same type of a loyalty program social proof program, and apply it to just about any kind of business that’s out there. Like Terri said, it’s not always credits for prints, you know, sometimes it’s a Starbucks gift card, or sometimes it’s other things that people can earn maybe time or special access to you or, or a service that you offer, or you know, fresh information or training or, you know, heck, a whole ton of different things can happen, that you can utilize to encourage your customers again, to become your Salesforce. And as an introvert, that’s a that’s a smart way to do business.

Terri Cage 16:30
Yeah, when I first started out well, and still now I think referrals are a huge part of where my business comes from. There you go, because I like to stay local. I do travel a little bit, not much. But I do like to stay local, there’s plenty of business in this area for me. So referrals are extremely important. And I do really like to stress to my clients, hey, you know, refer me to your friends, I’ll help you out,

Cara Taylor Swift 16:54
you know, at the boarding facility that I use for my dogs every time I refer a new client, I get a free night, just as an example of how if you think about it, from the perspective is how can you reward? How can you think your existing clients that are already loyal to you that are already committed to get out there and talk about you or share your information? You know, how can you do that? So I think Kim’s absolutely right, this can transfer across any animal pet or equine based business,

Terri Cage 17:21
I believe it can I do have a lot of repeat horse trainers that I use. And I go once or twice a year to their barn and do their clients for them. So they have me come back because I do give my trainers an hour free session every year.

Kimberly Beer 17:35
Terri, would you say that? You see the same people a lot repeating coming back to you as a photographer, because this program helps them stay loyal with your business because they know they can earn rewards.

Terri Cage 17:49
Oh, yeah.

I mean, it’s kind of appreciation. Like Thank you for having me come back. Yeah.

Cara Taylor Swift 17:53
And another center of influence where a lot of your people are congested at these barns.

Terri Cage 17:57
Oh, yeah,

they’re I mean barn managers, barn trainers, barn

owners are a huge influence.

Cara Taylor Swift 18:02
want to keep them happy. I can see that transferring to to some of the like the equine dentists, the farriers, those businesses, those equine chiropractors, there’s businesses that they go to the same barn all the time. And you know, a lot of times I mean, when I’ve been in situations where I’ve had to like board my horse somewhere, a lot of times, I’ll ask them, What can you tell me, you know, who’s a good farrier, or you know, who’s a good equine dentist here, and they’ve got someone on the tip of their tongue that is already coming out that they’re already using. So they make that recommendation. I mean, that’s a another example of that loyalty there. So it makes a lot of sense that you would think about accessing that center of influence there.

Kimberly Beer 18:37
And that’s building your network that’s building out Joint Venture Partners, it’s building out people that support your business, and that can be your sponsors for other people. So networking is a great big part of that, and the fact that you’ve grown your network. So well, in this, I want to take you back a little bit and say, how did you get started, what were kind of the first steps you took into this program to get it off the ground,

Terri Cage 19:03
I kind of learn from the senior model rep program that senior photographers use, and I kind of made it into something that works better. For me, I think there’s a lot of different ways you can use it. And you can kind of mold it to however it works for you.

Cara Taylor Swift 19:17
You were the first photographer that I’ve ever spoke to that had the hash tag program where you were using the hash tag, and then you were able to then kind of tally the number of times that they had mentioned Terri Cage Photography and mentioned, you know, that they had a shoot with you. And then you were able to kind of tally that, you know, on the back end. So

I was I thought that was really cool.

Terri Cage 19:35
Hashtags were just easiest way. I remember trying to figure out a way for these models to keep track of what they do, obviously, like Snapchat, we can’t do that. It’s kind of on your honor system or the stories. We can’t keep tracking lists. I happen to see it you know, because they tagged me but you know, on Facebook and Instagram, the hashtags work very, very well. Oh, pretty much more Instagram and Facebook.

Kimberly Beer 19:57
Yeah, they’re a little different on Facebook. They are on Instagram a little bit more ingrained in Instagram. So other than social media, are there other tools or software or things that you utilize to help facilitate this program? Where you to keep track of things or to offer rewards?

Terri Cage 20:16
I actually require them to keep track of it not me smart. That would Yeah, that would be too much of it is kind of on, Your Honor. And you know, I pretty much know that, yes, they’ve been posting or they haven’t been posting all look at it. Everyone’s small and everything. But yeah, that’s a requirement that they have to keep track of it. Not me

Kimberly Beer 20:32
any other kind of software that you’re using other than social

Terri Cage 20:36
media. Just my website, word of mouth boots on the ground. I love to send out thank you cards, Christmas cards, you’re gonna love this Kim. I’ve been listening, email marketing,

Kimberly Beer 20:49
marketing, yes. I hope my enthusiasm, just email marketing enthusiasm everywhere. That’s what I would like to do.

Terri Cage 20:56
I am looking into the text marketing, because boy, it works on me.

Kimberly Beer 21:02
It does, doesn’t it, it’s because it gets your attention, it gets your attention, because it’s not everyone is driving is blowing up your phone quite yet. Talk to me a little bit about how you recruited your first few people for this program, you had to start somewhere. And I’m sure it kind of snowballed from there.

Terri Cage 21:18
I actually just posted on Facebook, this is before Instagram really was popular. And I got a lot of people from that, you know, remember the days when you would post on Facebook, and everybody saw it, you know? So that’s kind of what happened then. So yeah, when I would post a model call, I probably got over 100 replies, easily, you know, now you might get 30 or So first, I have to fill out an application on my website, I refer him to that. And then if they fit the bill, I invite him to my Facebook page, I found in programs like that sometimes

Cara Taylor Swift 21:48
there has to be a couple of not necessarily hoops to jump through. But you’re trying to really weed the people down that are going to be serious about being a part of that loyalty program. So giving them like you said an application and then a couple steps to follow just to ensure that they understand the process and they read everything that they need to read. So they know what they’re supposed to do can be super helpful. And it kind of weeds out the people that are just looking for a free product or a free shoot or you know, some kind of free merge.

Terri Cage 22:15
And they do have to have social proof

they have to be out there.

Kimberly Beer 22:19
They have to be good ambassadors for the Terri Cage brand, which is smart.

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If you were to give a piece of advice to somebody who wanted to institute something like this in their own business, what would you tell somebody who didn’t have anything in place yet for a loyalty or a rewards type of a program? Where would you tell them to start? Terri,

Terri Cage 23:15
I would probably tell them to start to look for somebody that has a good social media following they post regularly and ask them go out and ask them they Hey, would you like to be in my model program? Or my loyalty program? Whatever you want to call it?

Cara Taylor Swift 23:30
Would it be someone within your network already that you’ve worked with before? Or are you actually talking about looking within your geographic area looking for people that are so for you, it could be that have horses and that might be interested in photography, but already have kind of a social proof status out there and a decent following?

Terri Cage 23:49
Yeah, I

would actually you know, go like say if you’re wanting to shoot a lot of paint, and quarterhorse and Appaloosa Do you know the stock of course breeds. So say I wanted to branch out maybe into something else that I’m not covering, like maybe the hunter jumpers or the dressage or the barrel racers or something, I might try to find some more there was somebody that’s very influential in that category and try to find that recently, I realized, you know, I live in a small town of Ponder and I realized I wasn’t getting any the high school seniors in my area. So I reached out to one in my area saying hey, I want to get somebody that will help me out in this area to get my name out there a little bit. So

Cara Taylor Swift 24:27
you were strategic at that point about the your location and thinking about who is in this area. That would be a good fit for the program,

Terri Cage 24:35
Correct. And it also gained me somebody to help take care of my horses when I travel.

Kimberly Beer 24:41
I bonus that networking bonus. So let’s talk about people who maybe have a loyalty program out there that they’re doing and they maybe want to uplevel to something like this where it’s a little bit more formal with maybe the Facebook group. I love that idea too, by the way, so you can communicate with the people that are your your customer, your citizen sales force out there in the world, is there something that you have learned in the doing of this particular program that would help somebody up level quickly.

Terri Cage 25:19
Pretty much just, you know, get somebody in there that does a lot of stories. And they might do some behind the scenes and really promote you do get some type of contract with your models and specify out what you need to have done, be pretty specific on what you want and what the outcome is with them. Don’t just go, Hey, I’m going to go shoot you. And why it could benefit both of you, you need to let them know it’s going to benefit them just as much as it’s going to benefit you.

Kimberly Beer 25:42

Cara Taylor Swift 25:44
that makes a lot of sense. There’s a lot of work that goes into, you know, as the business owner you’re taking, especially if it’s something that you’re going to do specifically for the purpose of having them talk about your brand, there’s a lot of work that goes into that on your end. And a lot of time that’s being taken that could be put towards something else. So it really makes sense that you would want to be real strategic about that person that you choose, or people that you choose to work with and sit down and talk to them about, okay, here’s a list of things that I asked you to do outside of the fact that you’re looking for somebody that has an you know, in your case, you’re looking for someone who has an amazing social presence, and they seem to enjoy that process. Like they want to be on stories, they want to be putting out reels and doing behind the scenes stuff, and being in front of the camera and chatting with their friends and sharing with their friends and tagging their friends, you know, all of that’s essential. So that’s pretty cool. That makes a lot of sense. gotta use your time wisely and make every one of those connections worth the investment in time.

Kimberly Beer 26:39
And I also like the communication, I think that it’s wise to have a really nice outline of this is what I expect, this is what I anticipate you’re going to do, and how can I help you be successful with that?

Terri Cage 26:51
Yeah, a lot of them who want that are really out there on social media, they want these pictures, they need these pictures, you know, for their own benefit, too. And I tell I tell them my models, you know, I put as much effort into as you’re going to put into it. So if I show up, and the horses that groomed, I’m not going to spend as much time with them. And I tell them up front too. And then I show up and they don’t want to wear anything I bring because I do have lots of clothes that people can borrow or they have something that does not meet what we talked about or anything like that. I kind of let them know Well, I’ll I’ll do the photoshoot. But this is not what I envisioned.

Cara Taylor Swift 27:26
It sounds like you’re very clear on the expectations. So Terri, this is one of my favorite questions that I love to ask. At the end of this episode, we want for folks to be able to walk away with something that they can do, like immediately. So what would you say is one thing that an animal based business owner could do today in regards to this topic to move their business forward,

Terri Cage 27:47
write something down, write a plan down, get a contract in order find your model and implement it don’t keep on going, Oh, I still need to do this. Don’t stand on the fence implement it.

Cara Taylor Swift 27:57
So get off the but right like get started. Last episode we talked about getting off your but. We don’t mean bu TT we mean the what’s holding you back but and that’s that’s huge. So sometimes you just need to say okay, I’m gonna I know what I want to do to some extent. And I’m gonna just get somebody and get started. So it sounds like you’re telling people like if you think this is something you want to do, put together a little plan and just get started

Kimberly Beer 28:21
and write it down, write it down, writing it down is so important. You can go back and look your memory starts to fail you after a little while and the older you get the more it fails. from personal experience I can tell you Terri, thank you so much for joining us today. We really appreciate it and like I said I think this is an amazingly innovative program which is why we love knowing Terri Cage You’re very welcome. Thank you for having it

Terri Cage 28:45
on and I can’t wait to see y’all in a few months

Cara Taylor Swift 28:48
just a few months from now we’ll be in Wyoming together I’ll be prepared for you to mommy and bring all the snacks and shuttle me around again this year. Okay,

Terri Cage 28:55
yeah, cuz I’m driving I’m driving.

Cara Taylor Swift 28:57
I’m just gonna go ahead and claim my spot in the in the SUV. Okay.

Terri Cage 29:01
All right.

Kimberly Beer 29:04
I’m riding with Erin good happens in Kirby stays in Kirby.

Cara Taylor Swift 29:10
There you go. Hi Erin!

Jaz 29:13
Thanks for listening to this episode of The Business Animal. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode. And if you learned something today, leave us a review. To learn more, find us at The Business animal.com we’d love to hear from you. Until next time, keep your business well trained with The Business Animal.

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