Consumers are inundated with hundreds — if not thousands — of marketing images every day. How do you choose images that get noticed, communicate your brand message, and create an action that results in a sale? In this episode, Kim and Cara give you some insight on what you should consider when choosing that perfect image to represent your business.

Think about all the images you see on a daily basis. From social media to the billboards you drive past to the packaging on your favorite products. You are continuously bombarded with marketing images. So how do YOU select the perfect images to support your animal based business? What types of imagery will best represent your brand and align your company to your ideal client? 

Before you begin choosing images, it is a good idea to do a lot of customer research. The better you understand your customer, the better you will be at choosing images that will attract them.

You also need to consider the story you want to tell, and where and how the image you select will be used; such as social media, website, print ads, or maybe even a billboard. 

Once you know the story you want to tell, you should begin to seek out how you can obtain that perfect image. You have many options — you can take your own images, hire a professional photographer, or license images from a stock image provider. 

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