Do you struggle with entrepreneurial overwhelm? Do you not know where to apply your focus or feel like your to-do list runs your life? Could you benefit from a better relationship with money? This week Kim and Cara sit down with guru of all things entrepreneurial mindset, Melisa Pearce of Touched by a Horse. This episode is packed with wisdom you can really use to achieve the success you’ve always wanted with your business.

Melisa Pearce is a teacher, author, psychotherapist and pioneer in the field of the human/horse healing. Over the last three decades, she has coached and helped thousands experience the healing power of horses. Melisa founded the Touched by a Horse Certification Program, a two year intensive program, that trains and certifies Equine Gestaltists. She is the author of multiple books and articles. 

At the core of her approach lies her deep understanding of the transformative power of one of the most important contributions of humanistic psychology – Gestalt therapy. As a Gestaltist, Melisa has guided thousands of clients through their unfinished business to a level of self-awareness that allows room for personal responsibility and a life of self-compassion.

Melisa has also bred, shown and raised horses for over 30 years, giving her a deep understanding of their natures. She won two World Championship American Paint Horse Association awards, has bred over 200 foals, and owns multiple ranches.