Building a network is one of the best — and most important — things you can do in your life and your business. Whether you’re in growth mode with your business or learning how to balance life with entrepreneurship, your network is there to support you and motivate you. In this episode, Kim and Cara talk about how to build a Sustainability Squad. This is your support network as an entrepreneur, and the people you recruit for this squad can make a huge difference in your bottom line and your peace of mind. You’ll learn six key roles you should fill in your own squad plus pick up some great tips on how to find and work with each. 

FREE “RECRUIT YOUR SUSTAINABILITY SQUAD” WORKBOOK! Have fun and build that mindful network you need to give you the “go juice” to realize your business goals with this handy workbook. Learn where to fill each of the six “roles” of your squad and drill down on how you can get (and provide) the most value for each. Download on the episode show notes page of The Business Animal Website.

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