Email marketing, like all digital marketing, has evolved in the past decade. Gone are the days where you could just send out a weekly newsletter and call your email marketing program a winner. Today, you need to target your emails to meet consumers and customers right where they are on their customer journey — and move with them as they step forward from potential lead to sale and follow through so they become loyal customers.

On this episode, Kim and Cara take a deep dive into the world of Evolved Email Marketing, giving you tips and techniques that will raise your email marketing IQ and how-to. You will learn:

  • How to use the stages of consumer awareness and the steps of the customer journey to elevate your email marketing response;
  • Why you should be focusing your email campaigns on engagement versus sales;
  • The first steps you should take to evolve your email marketing program;
  • Considerations for good list hygiene practices.

Also included in this episode is a download of the 5 Marketing Emails Every Business Needs. It is available at:

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