Why should you be repurposing content? It just makes good business sense! The truth is only a small fraction of your audience will see your content, let alone the new potential audience you hope to reach, so repurposing the meaty content you’ve spent time and energy perfecting means that there’s a better chance you will reach your target audience.

On this episode, Kim and Cara explore the many, MANY ways animal, pet and equine based businesses can and SHOULD repurpose the content they create. We start by covering the three sources of repurposed content: 1. Content created with the thought of repurposing from the onsite, 2. Older content that has been created but is still relevant and ripe for repurposing, and 3. Established brand content that will be regularly inserted into your posting program. With these three sources of ripe and ready content in mind Kim and Cara have a conversation about the multitude of ways that content can be repurposed… So get your pen and paper ready and start creating your very own content repurposing strategy!