Did you plan to be an entrepreneur — or did it just happen? In this episode we’ll discuss our Big 3 Things we wished we’d known before we became entrepreneurs. Plus you’ll learn some great trivia about both of us — including those careers we had planned and how it all evolved into the businesses we succeed at today.

What to listen for:

  1. How two ambitious, conscientious women turned their passion for photography and animals into successful careers — without having a formal education in photography or business.
  2. How we overcame the difficulties of starting — and growing — our businesses. You’ll hear us discuss our experiences with bankruptcy, depression, corporate career shifts, vicarious ptsd, and more.
  3. The good things about being an entrepreneur and how they’ve impacted our lives — freedom, financial growth, independence, etc.
  4. Why we chose our specific Big Three takeaways and the impact these lessons have had on each of our businesses.
  5. Ideas for how you can apply the lessons from our experience to your entrepreneurial journey.

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