Kim and Cara chat about how easy it is for small business owners to get caught up solving problems that really aren’t an issue for their business. They identify signs that small business owners can scrutinize to determine if they are currently working through a problem that their business just isn’t ready to tackle yet and acknowledge common triggers that get entrepreneurs off track, distracting from the real problems that need working right now.

As small animal, pet and/or equine-based business owners it is so easy to get caught up dreaming about all the places we hope to take our businesses. Dreaming of big business is a good thing, an exciting thing, but not ALSO meeting your business where it’s at, is a recipe for disaster. It’s so easy to look over the fence and see what other businesses are doing and feel triggered to leap into solving problems you just don’t have yet in your business. Feeling like you have to keep up with what everyone is doing around you, buy the new technology, join the new class, order the giant software program, is a common feeling for small business owners just trying to be successful. Slow down, take a deep breath, and think about YOUR business and what you really need to be successful. Look for the signs that you might be starting down a path of solving a problem that you just don’t have right now.